Dow Hebert and Plourde Inc. was founded in 1965 in Caribou, Maine by Clarence Dow, Henry Hebert, and Dr. Phillip Plourde. Clarence later bought Hebert and Plourde out in the late 1960’s. DHP built the first private microwave system in Maine to bring cable into Aroostook County. For this to happen they purchased Q-Jo Mountain, Dixmont Mountain and Number 9 Mountain. We later built a total of 17 cable systems in Aroostook and Penobscot County before selling the cable business in 1986. Keeping with the electronic industry WDHP radio was founded, the first 100,000 Watt FM radio station in the County and then built WFST Christian Radio. DHP opened Muzak franchises in 13 of the 16 counties in Maine and the 9th Radio Shack franchise ever built.

Today, DHP is still owned and being operated by the wife and grandson of Clarence Dow, one of the original founders, Wilma Dow and Darick Williams. Although we are no longer in the electronic business we are still enterprisers. Today we specialize in custom printing, memorials, photography, videography, digital memories, limousine rentals and much more!


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